awards and certifications

2006 till 2020
-Recognition Award per year per exhibition – HORECA, Hospitality Salon Culinaire & Art of Service, Hospitality Services - Lebanon, Saudi Arabia KSA, Kuwait & Jordan
- Certificate of Appreciation – American University of Technology, Byblos, Lebanon
- Honorary Medal & Pin ” Académie Nationale de Cuisine-A.N.C. France“ by The President Chef Jacques Charrette
- Recognition Award – WACS, World Association of Chefs’ Societies, by The President Thomas Gugler 
 - Recognition Award – The Emirates Culinary Guild, ECG by the President Chef Uwe Micheel
- BIMPOS SOFTWARE Teacher Training Course – Lebanon 
 - Certificate of Honorary Membership – Turkish Culinary Federation 
 - Recognition Award – The Jordan Chefs Association, JCA by the President Chef Khaled Abu Eid 
 - Recognition Award - Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute by Chef Éric Briffard the Executive Chef and the Culinary Arts Director at Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute
- Recognition Award- Let's Go Magic Germany, Culinary Team by Karlheinz Haase theTeam Manager / Founder Culinary Team "Let's Go magic" Germany
- Recognition Award – Qatar Culinary Professionals, QCP by the President, Chef David SOSSON
- OMEGA POS SOFTWARE Teacher Training Course – In the Frame of the Lebanese German Program, Promotion of Vocational Educational and Small & Medium Enterprise Development 
 - Food Safety Course & Examinations – Boecker Food Safety
- “Membre Actif au Service de la Gastronomie Française – Académie Nationale de Cuisine-A.N.C. France“ by The ANC Representative in Lebanon Mr. Nohad Dammous, Co-Founder & Partner at Hospitality- Services, Lebanon
- Recognition Award – Beirut Cooking Festival, Hospitality Services
- Introductory to Food Safety & Regulations – Boecker Food Safety
2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
- Professional and technical Education concerning lodging and Food & Beverage, Pedagogy, teaching skills, and education of technical disciplines, French cultural mission, Pedagogic training office of Education and Linguistic services
Cert 3